Rocklea RebuildReflecting

Often when we reflect we have rose coloured or dark coloured glasses. Today was a bit of a reflection for me as it was six years ago today I led an amazing team who re-opened the Rocklea Bunnings Warehouse just 9 weeks after the store had been flooded by the Brisbane River. It is easy to think about the pride I felt, the friendship and connections that were forged, the long term success that was built in those hectic times.
I had people on my team who put aside personal hardship from the floods to give their all to the rebuild. I had people in my team who worked for that cause with a passion so strong. I had people on my team who fell over. Who, despite all of their best intentions, were brought to the knees when it all became too much. Everyone gave everything they had, everything they could. There were conflicts, there were arguments, there was robust discussion. There was poor leadership, there was great leadership, There was poor teamwork, there was awesome teamwork.
But on re-opening day, everyone stood proud. We had achieved what many said (or believed) we couldn’t. That day united, the day we stood together achieving the best outcomes.
It is, and always will be, one of the best and proudest moments of my life. The Rocklea team will always be connected. The relationships forged will never be erased. Everyone had impact, and since then many have gone onto to new roles, relationships, marriages, kids, promotions and in my case and complete change of career. But for that short period of time, we were together, we were Rocklea. We kicked butt.
On opening day, I wrote this piece on an old blog site of mine. Check out the link for some photos from the day.

Blast From the Past

My leadership team, recently undertook an enormous challenge over a nine week period. It was challenging and very high pressure. We recently had an extensive debrief on the challenge with a counselor and it was interesting how each of the team took it. I listened intently, and tried to take as much out of it as possible, so I can help my team, and store some of the information for later use. Others took the counseling more from a personal perspective, whereas my reflection came later.

One of the key things that I took was, an anecdote shared by the counselor from his brother in law. ” You can only ever do the Next Thing”.  The impact to me from this simple sentence was huge. Despite all the planning, all the reflection….the reality is simply, “You can only ever do the next thing”

Taking it forward…..”The cost of not being in the moment”  The co-relationship of the 5R’s of the moment. The reflection, the realization, the regret or the reward all dependent on our Response to the moment. Not sure if this is covered by any theories at all, but to me this sounds so real. Do you live the moment?

The Rocklea Rebuild was a magical moment in my life. I have gone onto so many other amazing experiences since then, experiences I share with some very special people who worked closely with me six years ago. It’s ok to look back with Rose Coloured Glasses, but with an understanding that our lives are lived facing forward. I am so proud of my team back in 2011, but more proud of what they have achieved since.

CoachCurl had an amazing team who have gone onto amazing things. Thank you all for the memories and the journey.



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