All living creatures suffer from fear, and as humans we are no exception. In fact, many of us are scared of things that pose no threat to us whatsoever. The mechanism in our brains that causes us to be fearful, tries to help us address life-threatening dangers, like being attacked by a tiger. Now, instead of a tiger, we fear things like interviews, assignments, bills, meeting people, the past, and what will happen in the future. All of these things are not life-threatening, and worrying about them achieves nothing. In fact, too much stress can take a toll on your body. In this article, I describe four hacks that can get you on the right path to kicking fear in the ass. Work on these things, and over time you will start to become fearless!


Be aware of what makes you scared, anxious or worried, and acknowledge it. Write a list of all the things that you are afraid of. Then write down why they scare you. Writing your fears down can be scary too, but as you start thinking about why these things scare you, you will start to become the observer of your fears. And remember… judging yourself at this point isn’t going to help, so just be kind. Understand that this process is designed to help you overcome the fears you are currently facing, and as you start to become aware of how you are feeling, think of what you have to gain if you let these fears go.


Set yourself a goal to try something new every day. It could be anything, as long as it’s new or different to your daily routine. Fear can also be caused by the thought of being out of your comfort zone. We can be so accustomed to structure and routine that any change can be uncomfortable.

Trying something new or different will get you on the path to being brave and fearless. It could be something as small as taking an alternative route to work, or grocery shopping at a different store. These are baby steps, and are a good place to start. When you realise that you’re not in any danger, you can take it another step further. Join a gym, meet new people, jump out of a plane or, even worse, try public speaking!


Failing is such an awesome thing to do… if you learn from it! Learn to fail!

If you can be ok with failing, you will start to see that things aren’t so bad after all. For instance, if you fail a drivers test, you can try again. If you don’t get the job, keep applying for others. If you are giving a speech, keep talking. Remember, there are others out there that would rather not be you, and think you are one of the bravest people they’ve met just for trying.

One reason we care so much about failure is because we are too concerned about the opinion of others. Who cares what others think? The people that really matter to you won’t change their opinion of you if you fail. Just learn from it, and try again.


I’m going to keep this simple:

  • avoid watching the news or anything negative online or on TV
  • avoid gossiping, and people that gossip
  • and finally, avoid negative people, and people who complain all the time

It’s enough that we have to deal with our day-to-day problems and fears without adding extra negativity.

Enough said!