Everybody is always going on about how important it is to drink water. It helps you stay hydrated, reduce the risk of various diseases, and even lose weight. But water is pretty boring and it can be a struggle to get the recommended 7 or 8 glasses of water a day in. If you know that you need to drink more water but you’re finding it difficult to keep up with, try some of these handy tips to make it easier.

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Most Drinks Count

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you don’t need to drink 7 or 8 glasses of plain water each day because most drinks count toward your water allowance. That means all of the coffee or tea you drink plus any fruit juice etc. counts toward the 7 or 8 glasses. I’m not suggesting you start drinking 8 cups of coffee a day, but you can swap out some of those glasses of plain water for something a little tastier. Just remember, if you’re drinking caffeine it can dehydrate you so too much will counteract the amount of water you’re getting.

Add Some Flavor


The reason that a lot of people struggle to drink a good amount of water is that it’s pretty dull. If only it tasted nicer, you’d probably be able to manage it easily. You can get around that by having flavored water instead. You could make it yourself by getting a jug and just adding some chopped fruit. You can also get ready made ones like a bottle of watermelon water that are far nicer than a glass of boring old tap water. Adding a bit of squash is ok as well, but be aware of the sugar content. If you’re drinking 7 or 8 glasses of incredibly sugary squash every day, the health benefits of drinking the water are outweighed by the negative effects of all that sugar.

Link It To An Activity

If you link your water intake to an activity that you do regularly throughout the day, you can make sure that you’re keeping up with it. For example, you could drink a glass of water each time you go to the bathroom. Or you could make a rule that you drink a glass of water each time you pass through the kitchen. By doing it that way, you don’t have to actively remember to monitor the amount of water you’re drinking and remember to get up and pour a glass.

Drink Before Every Meal

Meals are another good activity to link your water intake to because you can make sure you’re getting at least 3 a day. Whenever you’re going out for a meal, always ask for a jug of water before you order any other drinks, particularly if you’re drinking alcohol because it will dehydrate you. Drinking before every meal is incredibly beneficial because it makes you feel slightly fuller. That means you’ll eat less and consume fewer calories so drinking water can actually help you lose weight as well.

Use An App

If you’re really hopeless and you never remember to drink water during the day, you can use an app to help you. Daily Water is a great little app that helps you to track how many glasses of water you’ve already had that day and you can set reminders on it to give you a little nudge when you haven’t had a glass of water for a while. It makes it almost impossible to forget to drink water unless you just ignore the app when it goes off.

You could even go a step further and get a high tech water bottle which records every single sip that you take and sends all of the information direct to your phone, so you get an exact figure for the amount of water you’re drinking.

Water Rich Foods

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You don’t even need to get all of your water intake through drinking, you can get a lot of it through food if you eat the right stuff. There are plenty of foods with a high water content and if you eat a lot of them through the day, you don’t need to drink as many glasses of water. Cucumber, watermelon, grapefruit and zucchini are all over 90 percent water so if you add those to your diet, you’re already part way there. Grapefruit is a particularly healthy breakfast food so it’s a good idea to have one each morning.

7 or 8 glasses of water seems like so many but once you get used to it and start using some of these tricks, it’ll be easy.