Weight and relationships seemingly don’t go hand in hand. How can one impact the other? If you’re in love, then it’s a fact and nothing will change it, definitely not a couple of extra pounds. Weight loss is a personal thing and affects your mind and your body.

Or does it?

Of course it’s about the individual. No one can force a person to shed a couple of stone. But, to say the ounces don’t have a bearing on the rest of your life is not true. It makes you happier, healthier and more confident. And, according to the below, it can boost a relationship.

Better Sex Life

Everyone can fool around under the sheets regardless of weight. It’s all about trust and mutual attraction. However, studies show that sex seems to skyrocket when there is regular exercise involved. Of course, watching a significant other drive forward is an incredibly sexy sight, as are the results. But, there is also the chemical reaction that takes place thanks to exercise. Endorphins in the bloodstream give you, ahem, the horn. Sex is by no means a deal breaker in a relationship, and it shouldn’t paper over the cracks but it can impact a person’s emotions.

Sleep Quality Over Quantity

Quality always trumps quantity, even if we’re still talking about messing around under the covers! In this case, it’s a reference to sleep, the time the body finally gets to relax. Too little of it, and you’ll find that you become irritable and grumpy. You may not see the bad, but your partner will if they have to deal with it on a daily basis. Seriously, it’s incredible how many couples have broken up because of a foul mood. Losing weight is helpful for many reasons. Firstly, there is less weight to regulate so you should be comfier. Secondly, the blood will circulate without any resistance.

The Bounce Back

Sometimes, a relationship is doomed and there is no way to save it. As cynical as it sounds, it’s the truth and you have to find a way through the emotional turmoil. One method is to bounce back and find a new partner when you’re ready. Yes, this involves a law firm such as The Vendt Law Firm P.L.L.C. but divorce is final. At least you can then move on with your life. Being single is hard, so having self-esteem is a must. Losing weight not only boosts confidence, but it also provides a bigger pool of people. The gym is just one more place to window shop.

Partner Copycat

Hopefully, it doesn’t get to the point of divorce and you can work through the issues. And, exercise may be the key. Studies prove that people who work out and live a healthy lifestyle pass the trait onto their partners. The International Journal of Obesity published a test which concluded there is a ripple effect. So, the things outlined in “Better Sex Life” correspond to you, too.

It isn’t a cosmetic thing; it’s the tiny effects it has on an everyday routine. Question – does this make you want to exercise?

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