There is no tomorrow you know, it exists only as a concept of the future that we hold in our minds today. Therefore the only time that we can improve our life is today, and at this moment right now. Something that the post below details.

Be present

You are not a human doing, you are a human being, yet so much of our life is taken up with busy-work. We have to get the house clean or put that shelf up, and we simply must clear the tasks from our to-do list, and only then will we be able to slow down and enjoy life.

Of course, the slow down part never comes, because in truth it’s easier always to be busy. Yes, it’s hard work, but it’s not as hard as actually being in the present moment, and feeling what we genuinely feel. It’s not as hard as listening to your mind chatter away every hour of the day and sometimes the night and telling us all the unacceptable and unlovable things about ourselves, so we keep busy to keep it all at bay.


Sadly, be being so busy we also miss out on the present moment, and the small joys of life as well. We don’t stop to smell the roses as they say, and so many things can pass us by. Perhaps it is sharing a joke with a loved one, or the real taste of your favourite meal, maybe it’s the rainbow reflection that the oil in your cooking pan creates just before you wash it, or noticing that your pet cat has curled up for a cuddle close to you; where they feel safe and warm?

In fact, by being super busy, we miss all of this, and that is why one thing you can do to improve your lot today is to slow down and be present. Be here now, as Ram Dass says because now is where your life is.


Meditation is another tactic that you can use to enhance your life today. You don’t even have to sit cross-legged in the lotus position for hours to do it either. In fact, you can meditate for as little as five minutes to feel the benefit, although the right state of mind is essential for success.

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Of course, the right state of mind is not about forcing yourself into being calm or not coming up with negative thoughts, that is just what your mind does. Instead, the right state of mind is to remember that thoughts are mental objects, and are not inherently true in, and of themselves.

Now, this can be a tough thing to grasp, and in fact, there have been many spiritual seekers, gurus, and holy people that have dedicated their lives to this pursuit. However, when you forget and get carried away with a thought and all the things it is saying about you, and telling you to do, just come back to your breath and remind yourself that you don’t have to identify with your thoughts.

It is this you need to do to be successful at meditation, and after practice, you will be able to take this no identification off of the cushion and into daily life, something that most definitely has the potential to improve our human condition.


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Laughter is said to be the best medicine, and the science certainly bears this out. In fact, laughing at something we find genuinely funny produces all sort of physical reactions in the body that boost mood and can help lift (albeit temporarily) depression.

However, it can be tough to find something to smile about when you are having a bad day. What we recommend here is to not worry too much about forcing positivity on yourself, or reminding yourself to look on the bright side of life.

You don’t have to make yourself look on the bright side of life, but watching a comedy show like Monty Python can definitely help!

Instead, go for some healthy distraction techniques and put on a favourite comedy show or series, something that is easy enough to find these days with Youtube and subscription services being widely available. Then you can laugh along with your favourite characters and free yourself from the tyranny of Pollyanna thinking, all at the same time.


In the book Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl states that a person can survive anything if they have an overarching valid and meaningful purpose that guides and sustains them. Frankl should know a thing or two about this as well as he spent many years as an inmate of a Nazi concentration camp during WW2.

Of course, it is the search for meaning itself where we can fall down, especially in a society that is increasingly agnostic and where traditional gender and class roles no longer bind us firmly in our place.

To that end, it can be useful to begin your own search to find meaning in life, something that you may wish to do alone, or get some help with. After all, we are all in this life together and if there’s a friend, family member, or professional that can help you clarify your ideas and live a more vital and valued life, why not get them involved? It just might give you the perspective on things that you have been searching for.


We, humans, are living an embodied experience, that means the way in which we interpret and experience life is filtered through our bodies. Therefore, it makes a whole lot of sense to get as in touch with our physical selves as possible.

To do this, we may choose to run, do yoga, dance, wrestle, or swim. However, do bear in mind that movement should be a celebration of our physical form and what we can do rather than a punishment or a task designed to force our body’s into submission.

Take a leaf out of Beyonce’s book, play the video above, and move your body right now.

With that in mind, why not move your body while being as present as possible and feel your own limits and boundaries? Go on, try it today and see how it can not only enhance your experience but provide a physical base which you can use ground yourself, time and time again.  

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