Not too long ago, we spoke about the weird and wonderful ways our body parts connect. Who knew, for instance, that a case of gum disease has some correlation with the condition of your heart? Our bodies are living examples of cause and effect.

Of course, not all these connections are as surprising as the gum/heart one. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that physical standing has major impact on mental well being and vice versa. What you might not realize is how many mental setbacks you open yourself up for when your physical health isn’t good. Hence why you’ll struggle to reach the well being levels you’re aiming for if you don’t take care of your body first.

Of course, the ways these issues connect are vast. In many instances, you could also argue that this is a chicken and egg situation. It’s impossible to tell which comes first. But, regardless of origin, poor physical health could fast see you suffering from these mental struggles.


Physical health issues open us to stress for obvious reasons. It’s stressful being unwell and having to go and visit a doctor. It’s also stressful when illness stops you from being able to work. All these can lead to an overload you could do without when your body isn’t right. The good news is, this needn’t spiral out of control. By visiting a doctor early in your symptoms, for instance, stress won’t have time to grow. You’ll also be able to recover faster this way, again eliminating that window. As for time off work, there’s action you can take there, too. There are insurance policies out there which cover you for this exact reason. Even if insurers attempt to wiggle out of paying, coverage means you can turn to lawyers like those found at to get what you’re owed. Once money issues are put to bed, you’ll find stress stays away, and you can focus on physical recovery

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Health issues also open the doors for anxiety. This is especially true if you hesitate to seek treatment. By diagnosing yourself, you could get things wrong. More often than not, we assume issues are more severe than they are. Failure to take action, then, could fast lead to health anxiety as outlined on The key to avoiding this is to resist the temptation to diagnose yourself. Instead, book an appointment with a professional, and focus solely on your recovery. Whatever you do, stay away from Google!


Guilt may not be a mental health issue as such, but it can still unbalance your life. And, there’s a real risk of this if your bad health is a result of your actions. Smokers, for instance, may feel real guilt after diagnosis of a smoking-related illness. That guilt could then perpetuate their bad behaviors and hinder recovery. The best option? Forgive yourself. Rather than getting lost in that guilt cycle, make actionable changes. Stop being yourself up, and eat the fruit already!