Some bad habits are terrible for your health and should be put aside right away while others are rather trivial. This doesn’t mean that it won’t benefit you to leave them behind as well, though, and every small thing you’re able to do for yourself will make your everyday life a lot easier.

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Since we’re about to embark on a brand new year, it’s time to get started on replacing a few of our bad habits with healthier and more sustainable ones. It won’t necessarily be easy but as long as you stick with it, you can start the new year with a feeling of rejuvenation and health.

Here is a handful of ways to help you out on your journey to a happier and healthier you before the end of 2018.

First: Start little by little

Hopefully, you know by now that going cold-turkey rarely works out for any of us. It doesn’t really matter if your bad habit is as simple as sleeping a bit too late in the morning or having too many cups of coffee throughout the day; if you try to wake up an hour earlier or quit coffee altogether, the ends will definitely not seem to justify the means.

You need to start slowly so that your habit looks like something you’ll be able to overcome. Wake up just fifteen minutes before you usually peel yourself out of bed, for example, and replace one or two of your coffees with tea or just plain water.

That way, you will still be able to indulge in your bad habit a bit before you’ve become accustomed enough to your new and improved lifestyle that quitting altogether isn’t that bad.

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Next: Set specific goals

When you’re ready to give up something for good or get started on a new and healthier lifestyle, simply telling yourself that this is what you’d like to do isn’t really enough.

You need to come up with a couple of concrete and doable goals to get you on the right course; create an exercise routine you’re likely to stick with, for example, or promise yourself to wait an hour or two after waking up before you light up.

This will help you to challenge yourself enough to make a difference in terms of breaking bad habits but also keeping them light enough that you’re able to follow through.

Keep in mind that you might not be able to live up to your own expectations, though, and while it’s natural and even healthy to be a bit disappointed in yourself, you should also give yourself a break. Otherwise, you run the risk of abandoning your project completely rather than allowing yourself to indulge a bit before starting fresh the following day.