When a certain situation arises that can be stressful, whether that is at home, at work, or in other aspects of life, being able to be in control of it all is so important. When you can stay calm, despite what is going on around you, then you’ll be better able to handle the situation, be better able to cope, and to deal with the aftermath of the situation. When you panic or stress over something too much, then it does have a massive knock-on impact, for your health in particular. So learning ways to remain calm is so important for a variety of reasons.

Many people that we’d class as successful in life are where they are because they have been able to cope well under pressure. Think about those with success in business, or those with success in the athletic field, for example; they will have faced some really trying and stressful situations. But being able to come out the end of it and remain calm, will have helped them get to where they are today. They have been able to be at a certain level of psychological readiness that will help them to stay as calm as possible under pressure. So for overall health, happiness, and success, it is something that is really important to do.

So here are some tips to help you to be composed and poised as stressful or unpredictable situations arise, so that you’re strong enough mentally, to move mountains.


Slow Down

If it is possible, then what you need to do is to not react immediately. Of course, that can be easier said than done, but being able to slow down, collect the relevant information, and be patient, can help you to react in a good way, rather than an initial reaction that may stress you out. It is a good idea to distance yourself somewhat from the situation that you are facing. When you can take the time to distance yourself from the situation and make your actions less based on emotions and leave you more in control. It can take time to perfect this kind of thing, but starting by taking a deep breath before speaking or taking action gives you some time to think on what you had planned. This can make any decisions that you have to make much easier.

Stay Positive

Your mind can go a mile-a-minute when it comes to situations that are stressful. But as a result, that can mean a lot of negative thoughts when you think what could happen next. Plus, the long that you linger on those thoughts, the harder it can be to remain calm, as you think about anything and everything that could happen to you. But if you are able to flip those thoughts on their head and think about the positive things that could happen as a result of the scenario, then it can make you feel much happier about things and more in control.

For example, if you have experienced a car accident, then you could be stressing out about what will happen while the car is being repaired, can you afford a new car, or that getting to work from now on will be a nightmare. Instead, you could be thinking about just hiring a car while yours is being repaired, through a company like Compass Cars. There is no need to be stressing unnecessarily when you can look for the positive side of things as a result of a stressful situation.


Don’t Ask ‘What If’

In a similar vein, it is important not to ask yourself ‘what if’ in these kinds of situations. You might go to ask yourself ‘what if I hadn’t taken that turn or needed to get something from the store? Then I wouldn’t have been in the car for an accident to happen.’ With this kind of thing you are basically just adding regret and negativity in your life. You can’t change what happened, you can only think about what is happening and how to move on from it. So ignore talk of ‘what if’ and think about ‘what now’ instead.

Coping Strategy

After a situation has occurred, having a strategy to cope is so important. It could be something as simple as exercise, just to make a difference to your stress levels. Find something that works as an outlet for you. Anything from crafts, relaxation techniques, or there are plenty of other things that can help. Remaining in a prolonged state of stress isn’t going to be good for your health, or on your ability to choose or decide things in a rational way. These coping strategies can also help you in future situations that you find stressful as well, so having something that you choose to go and do at the moment is really important.


There are some family situations that are going to be pretty stressful and that you can’t immediately distance yourself from (think about family dramas, for example). That is where the above coping mechanism can come in handy. However, if you are able to get away and distance yourself from the situation for a while, then it can be a really good thing. The distance can give you the time that you need to go over your emotions, as well as then allowing you to come back to see the situation in a whole new light and possibly with a new perspective on it all.

The final point that should be made is that having a support system in place is so important. That could be colleagues that can help in stressful situations at work, to family and friends that can help you to deal with the aftermath of personal stressful situations. Reach out to people that you know and trust, and ask for their help in anyway that you feel you need. It could be that you need their help with something specific, or would rather have their help with them acting as a distraction for you. Either way, people around you really helps.

Feature Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash