Do you still make resolutions? Most of us do. Even if we don’t write them down or make any kind of fuss about them, we have some vague ideas of how we’d like our lives to go in the New Year. We think about the changes that we’d like to make, or we look back on how the passing year has gone for us. Many of these resolutions revolve around money, fitness, or weight. 

But, most of them fail. Most resolutions, however seriously they were made, are abandoned after a few months. Gyms are full in January, only to see a dwindling attendance by March. 

There are usually two reasons for this. The first is that we don’t make resolutions that really matter to us. The second that we don’t set realistic goals or make plans to help us follow through. 

However, New Year’s Resolutions aren’t a bad thing, nor are they a waste of time. Make resolutions that are worth your efforts, and they could be well worth it. 

Visit the Dentist More

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Only about 40% of us go to the dentist or orthodontist as often as we should. Most of us only go when we’re in pain or have other oral symptoms. If you haven’t had a checkup for a while, making a resolution to head to the dentist in the New Year could be well worth it.

Improve Your Finances

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When it comes to our finances, it’s always worth making resolutions and trying to find ways to improve. Even if you are financially stable, you might want to think about saving for retirement or looking at investment opportunities. 

But, with finance, more than anything, it’s vital that you set realistic goals, and that you put plans in place to help you to meet them. You might not be able to clear your debts in one year, but could you commit to paying a small amount extra off each month? Could you create a household budget and stick to it? Could you save a little every week? When it comes to finance, small goals and achievable targets are often the most effective. 

Set Some Realistic Fitness Goals

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Your fitness resolution should also be realistic and goal orientated. But, a year is a long time when it comes to fitness, you can make a dramatic change, as long as you focus on small regular improvements. It’s often a good idea to book an event like a run, for later in the year, and build up to it slowly. If you are very unfit, your first goal might just be walking or swimming for 30 minutes twice a week

See Your Friends More

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Perhaps the best resolution that you can make, and the easiest to stick to is seeing your friends more. Adult life often gets in the way, we don’t have as much time for our friends as we’d like, and not seeing the people that you love often enough can have adverse effects on your mental health. Commit to seeing friends and family members more, even book things in so that you can’t get out of it.


Cover Image Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash