Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures You Should Know About

Dental care in Australia is notoriously expensive, with many significant out-of-pocket costs. As a result, two million Aussies defer dentist visits or miss out on dental care every year. Everyone has heard about the many benefits of visiting dentists regularly, from detecting cavities early to cosmetic full mouth rehabilitation. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving your teeth’s appearance, and most procedures are more discretionary than essential. However, some treatment approaches can offer excellent restorative benefits. Here are some cosmetic dentistry procedures you should know about.

  1. Dental implants

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Dental implants are a great approach to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a small device typically made out of titanium that is surgically inserted into the jawbone area where your tooth is missing. Your dentist will insert this titanium implant as an anchor or tooth root for artificial teeth like crowns, dentures, or bridges. Dental implants can improve your speech since they hold dentures in place to prevent your teeth from slipping and causing you to slur your words. Also, they can give you back your smile because they look and feel like your teeth. Furthermore, implants are incredibly durable, and many will last a lifetime with proper care. Finally, dental implants make eating easier and improve overall oral health.

2. Dental veneers fixing

Dental veneers are thin, bespoke shells made from composite and porcelain that cover your natural front teeth. They are manufactured in laboratories and adhere to your teeth’s surface to conceal minor imperfections like stains, cracks, chips, and noticeable gaps. Your dentist will fix the veneer to each tooth with the help of a dental adhesive or cementing material. Veneers look quite realistic and fit in well with your other teeth. Also, they can last for about 20 years without staining. However, it is best to have expert dentists like Ramy Georgy fix your veneers for the best results.

3. Teeth whitening

Your teeth become stained due to plaque tartar, drinks, medication, food debris, and personal habits like smoking. As such, teeth whitening, as the name implies, corrects teeth discolouration. This procedure can be done at your dentist’s office in just one visit. First, the dental hygienist will eliminate tartar, plaque, and other residues from your teeth’s surface to restore their natural appearance. Then, your dentist will use a bleaching agent to make our teeth a lighter shade, depending on the level of discolouration. Teeth whitening is incredibly popular in Australia, with an Australian Dental Association survey revealing that one in five people bleached their teeth in 2020.

4. Gum contouring

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Gum contouring is a well-known cosmetic dentistry procedure that alters the shape of your gums. Dentists conduct this procedure to trim away excess gum tissue that gives you a “gummy smile” (too much gum tissue that is easily noticeable above your top teeth.) Also, contouring can restore receded gum tissue to prevent it from revealing too much of your teeth. Presently, dentists use radiosurgery, lasers, and scalpels to perform gum contouring. It is prudent to ask your dentist which procedure best suits your situation before proceeding.





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