Introducing Joss Honour

Jocelyn Honour - A Better Today

Introducing Jocelyn Honour.

It s with great pleasure that we introduce Joss Honour as a member to the A Better Today Australia. Joss holds a number of University Degrees in Business and Economics. She has held influential positions supporting business in financial and professional services. Developing her skill set, she was able to create clear visions for business and being able to articulate their own unique purpose for her clients.

She describes herself as a reformed corporate foot soldier with a new passion for life.

Since 2011 she has been focused on achieving a happier life through better emotional, physical and spiritual health and this has extended her focus on helping others make small daily changes to their lives to achieve their own personalised goals.

She is the proud owner and director of Vita Organica Pty Ltd, an online retailer ( which provides easy access to a carefully selected range of natural and organic baby, pet, skincare and other personal products.

Her greatest achievement to date has been the opportunity to be a mother to her son Oscar – young man who makes her deeply proud every day.

Joss is a Brisbane raised inspiration to her growing tribe and now resides in Melbourne. Please welcome Joss to the team.



Sharon Curl -Editor
Sharon Curl -Editor
Sharon is one of a select few professional coaches certified as a Psycho-Neuro-Actualization professional. PNA is the most effective coaching tool in the world today, helping hundreds of clients world-wide achieve dreams they never thought possible.World-champion athletes, Hollywood actors, senior government (US) officials, Fortune 500 company executives are just some of the success stories. It's now here in Australia and ready to set you free from what is holding you back. Sharon is a dedicated mum, wife and leader in public health. Her greatest passion is helping ladies reach their greatest potential, to remove self-limiting beliefs and feelings of guilt when they aspire to be more.


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