Strong and Full of Triumph.

Strong and Full of Triumph.

At times you will stumble,
Other times you will fall.
Some times you will cower,
While tears will sometimes fall.
But none of that will ever
Diminish who you are,
Courageous, brave a strong,
Going places, you come this far.
So if you’re feeling weakened
If you feeling low
Look to the canopy above,
And dream of the places you’ll go,
Because life is full of tests,
The things that are sent to try us,
But you’re still standing aren’t you,
Strong and full of triumph!

Bryce Dawson - A Better Today Australia



Bryce Dawson
Bryce Dawson
Bryce Dawson is the non-deplume name for an Aussie Poet who has yet to reveal his full name to others. Born and raised on the lush fields of the New England Tablelands of Country NSW, we are privileged his shares his words with us.


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