Become the Love You Desire

Become the Love You Desire

My Favourite Season

Summer my favorite season of all, it’s a season I thrive in, one of my favorite pleasures are the beautiful sunset walks along the beach, they are so cleansing and healing..for me it’s a time to reflect, a time to release, a time to truly let go and connect to yourself and to wonders of the natural daily cycle of our amazing universe.

After much cleansing and healing over the last four years this summer is going to be extra special, this summer I get to share it with a very special man who has been universally gifted to me. Gifted to me as a reward for all of the hard work I have courageously taken on to heal my outdated belief system

I have so much gratitude for the gift my life is and the wisdom and clarity I have gathered. A big part of that gift has been the big lesson of letting go, of embracing rather then attaching. Another part of this is becoming consciously aware of the co-dependency in which I have lived in for many years of my life. Co-dependency is common and the majority of people end up in co-dependency relationships believing this is love. This is not love this is attachment, fulfilling needs of unresolved insecurities which ultimately can cause much pain and is most often very toxic to both our emotional and physical health.

Who are you attracting?

People often attract the same type of partners time and time again and wonder why…it is simple, it all comes back to self worth, you only attract the people and relationships you feel worthy of.

For the last four years since my diagnosis I have completely focused on ME, I have not been interested in finding a partner, in fact I thought I was done. I now realise that thought came from fear, fear of attracting the wrong person once again!

But over that time of self healing I had two brief encounters which took me by complete surprise, beautiful young men who had loving caring open hearts and both of them contributing to my confidence that I was now attracting special humans and for that I am very grateful.

I was really starting to realise the difference between knowing something in your head compared to completely embodying the feeling in your body. Embodiment is energy and this energy is powerful and hard to describe but what I have now come to understand is that to completely embody anything you must first learn to let go. I talk about this in my last article and I can not highlight the letting go process enough, it is the key to personal freedom on so many levels.

The Secret

Ok now I’m going to let you into a huge secret, a question so many people want answered…’how do you find the partner of your dreams?

The answer…YOU become the partner of YOUR dreams! I’m absolutely serious, you do the self work, face your deep dark insecurities, get consciously aware of how authentic you are being to yourself and in turn to others. The more you release all those outdated beliefs, the more you notice your energy shift through the people who you are attracting.

This is exactly what I did, I completely embodied my self work, I fell unconditionally in love with my authentic self..I was whole, I did not need to go out looking for someone to complete or fulfill my needs…and then it happened!
The meeting of two souls reflecting the deepest unconditional love that each had found in themselves. Two souls who were completely ready to meet, two souls committed to healing the universe knowing that that starts with healing themselves. This is a union so instant so powerful and so delicious, this is a union with a universal purpose, a purpose to teach others that love is easy, it is not something that takes effort and there are no ‘buts’ or roadblocks.

This is about two souls standing in their power and watching the other shine, it was described to me by a beautiful human in the most beautiful way…two individuals standing side by side, like pillars supporting their beautiful temple. This beautiful temple of love is so balanced, it is so healing, it has no needs or attachments, it flows like a feather on a gentle wind.. It is truly a sacred experience, one I feel very privileged to be living.

Become the Love You Desire

For some this union challenges their fears..that this is all happening to fast but for us it is a feeling of completely knowing that this union was always going to happen in perfect divine timing…the start of another amazing chapter I would tittle ‘how do you know if they’re the one?? You just know.

Communication, connection and unconditional love are the keys to a happy and healthy life.

Melissa Togni is a pioneer of the conscious revolution. A vegan who loves food, animals and sharing my life wisdom. Check out her Instagram handle chillitonks



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