Drive All Blames Into One – Realization From Higher Wisdom

Drive All Blames Into One

In my last article I wrote about the first in six Buddhist sayings collated by Norman Fischer, a Zen teacher, in his “Training in Compassion: Zen Teachings on the Practice of Lojong, 2013” released online on 21 March 2017.

When I first found the article, the first saying, “Turn all mishaps into the path” resonated immediately. I had been experiencing some situations in which I was able to draw on some challenging times I had experienced to help others. It helped me see that those challenges, or “mishaps” were not slips or backward steps, but part of my path. Instead of feeling I had lost ground, I had learned valuable lessons I could now share and it was time to re-engage with my world.

Today I turned again to the article seeking further support and found the next saying – “Drive all blames into one” or blame no one other than yourself.

For someone who literally takes on blame from events totally unconnected to themselves, this one left me crestfallen. How much self blame must I take on? I wanted to skip this one, put it down to a difference of opinion and move directly to the next concept.

Uh oh, said that small voice in my head. There must be something to learn.

I read on. Re-read the analysis. Brought to mind some other reading I have been doing. And re-read the saying again.

I realised that I did agree with this statement in some ways. I totally accept that blaming others simply keeps us from our growth – we must take responsibility for who we are, where we are and strive to rise above.

Eventually, I started to understand the concept in this way. To me it now means that we must own whatever is happening in our lives. Things happen. Good stuff, bad stuff. It happens. No one else other than me is going to find my learnings in life for me. The longer I blame others, the world, the universe, the longer I live without my lessons and the confidence that comes with those breakthroughs.

As I have sat with this latest wisdom shared by Buddha so many years ago, the concept of driving all blames into one moved from one that points the finger at my inadequacies to one of self love!

If I accept my situation as it is, acknowledging it is not what I may have wanted and may bring problems with it – I am able to move forward, find strength I never knew and learn something new and eminently loveable about me.

How amazing is that?

What is in your life at the moment for which you are blaming others? Sit with it. Turn it into self love!



Joss Honour
Joss Honour
Joss is a reformed corporate foot soldier with a new passion for life and the possibilities it holds for every single person in the world if we simply say "yes". Since 2011 she has been focused on achieving a happier life through better emotional, physical and spiritual health. Joss understands through personal experience the obstacles we put in our own way due to the fears we have of failure, success and the imaginary thoughts of others. Her focus on these aspects of her own life has resulted in a desire to help others make small daily changes to their lives to achieve their own personalised goals. As part of Joss’s journey, she has become aware of the extreme amount of chemicals in not only food but also our daily personal care products. In order to educate others to live healthier lives with less chemicals, she created Vita Organica Pty Ltd, an online retailer, which provides easy access to a carefully selected range of natural and organic baby, pet, skincare and other personal products. But to be totally honest, her greatest achievement to date has been to be a mother to her son, Oscar – a loving young man who makes her deeply proud every day.


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