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We all find the prospect of change somewhat uncomfortable, yet, making positive change in one’s life (particularly as we approach the New Year) is something we all aspire to do.  It’s natural to resist change as our brains are wired to keep us “safe” and change is risky, as it provides uncertainty.

We crave certainty in the sense that without it, we begin to feel very tense, anxious and stressed yet at the same time we also crave uncertainty – as if everything was certain, life would be rather boring.

There are certain things about our lives that we all would like to change, for instance, many people would like more money or to be in a more nurturing relationship.  Similarly, on the inside, there are things people would like to change about themselves on the inside, in terms of their thought and behaviour patterns.

In this sense, looking into things such as neurofeedback treatments or psychotherapy can be helpful to recondition the brain… but if you’re looking for some simple steps to help you create positive change in your life – look no further.

1. Identify What You Want to Change

It’s important to recognise the gap between what you have at the moment, and what you want to change, meaning the results you seek.  This way, it becomes a goal and once you have a goal in mind, as a set destination, you can start to plan a route anc course of action to achieve that goal.

2. Let Go of Negativity

This might sound simple, but it can be difficult to implement, as if you are surrounded by negative people you don’t want to lose all your friends or social network, but at the same time, negative people often drain and deplete those around them… which is not what you want if you’re trying to create positive change.

Negativity rubs off, like a cold or virus, and being protective of your personal energy is one of the best things you can do when looking to create positive change.  Of course, we have to deal with negative people from time to time, but it’s important you don’t allow yourself to be dragged down with someone else’s negativity.

3. Exercise More

Exercise is great for creating psychological shifts, as it reduces anxiety, stress and physical tension whilst releasing euphoric chemicals like endorphins and dopamine that make us feel more positive and able to create positive change.

The other aspect is that there’s a lot of psychological power in progress, and one of the most visible forms of progress you can make is with regard to your body.

4. Take Baby Steps

You don’t have to see the whole staircase to create positive change, you simply need to take the first step, and keep stepping as the path unfolds before you… a lot of times people don’t know “how” they are going to get to where they want to be and create the positive change they seek – so they stay immobile.  It’s only when you start walking toward your goals that you will begin to create positive change, even if you can’t see the full path or believe it’s possible – start walking down the path and you’ll be amazed by how quickly things come together.