No matter how close you and your partner are, I’m sure that your relationship will have been affected by a number of issues in the past. In fact, you might still be working your way through some of these problems right now. You will no doubt be able to find some peace of mind in knowing that every couple will go through some of the same common problems. After all, no couple is perfect, and we all have the tendency to disagree with others from time to time no matter how in love we are with them.

Here are some of the relationship woes that affect every loving couple, and what you can do about them.


Money Troubles

One of the biggest causes of any argument within a relationship has to be money. Our finances can be a big pressure in our lives, and this is one thing that can very easily bubble over into problems for a relationship. Perhaps you and your partner have differing views on how to look after your shared finances? Or maybe you don’t trust your partner with money after they lost a lot of it behind your back. The best way to overcome these problems is to talk through both your ideas and come up with a financial plan that you both stick to.

No Time

Do you find that you and your partner never have much time to spend together? For instance, if you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed a date night, then it could be a sign that you haven’t enjoyed quality time together in a while. If this goes on for too long, you might start to feel like you are drifting apart from one another. So, try to find the time in each of your schedules so that you can spend some time enjoying each others’ company again.

Intimacy Problems

We all have different appetites for sex, so when an individual finds out that their partner wants to have sex more or less often than they do, it can cause some serious problems. Other intimacy issues, such as sex addiction and suffering from PTSD after being sexually abused can also be problematic. If this is a problem for you or your partner, you might want to attend some sex addiction counselling sessions or some therapy that aims to solve other sexual problems. It might also be worth seeing your doctor for some medication.

Family Conflicts

Your partner might not get on with everyone in your relatives. In fact, it is quite common for people to not get on too well with their in-laws. However, there are ways you can try to improve their relations, by encouraging them to get to know each other better or to openly discuss their differences. If that doesn’t make much difference, you could simply try to keep them apart from each other. That way, your partner’s problems with your relatives shouldn’t affect your relationship too much.

Once you have solved these issues, you will have a great relationship!


Feature Image – Photo by Ben White on Unsplash