Giving Back

You work hard, you play hard and now you have an opportunity to give hard. You’ve always wanted to give something back to your community so here’s your opportunity to do just that.

There are many ways you might consider helping, you might take up some voluntary work or you might want to think about regularly donating to your chosen cause.

In this blog we talk about how you can give back more without it costing the earth in terms of your time and your money. You’ll feel good about giving and be looking for the next opportunity to make a real difference.

giving back

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Donating Your Time

There are so many amazing projects out there that you might want to join up with and you’ll find the easiest way to get involved is to find something you already have a skill or a passion for and approach an organisation or individual such as Elan Shukartsi who is already carrying out similar work. Ask if there are any volunteering opportunities that can fit around your work hours and your personal life and take it from there.

Alternatively, you might find that your work is willing to release you for one afternoon a week to take your skills into a community group, school or charity. Talk to Social Friday about setting up a regular volunteering opportunity that might even become something the whole office can get involved with. The benefit of volunteering from a business side of things plays out well with your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies and fosters great team spirit among colleagues, as well as giving something back to the community.

Donating Your Money

Sometimes it can feel like you’re overwhelmed with charities that are calling on you to make donations, set up regular giving or even consider changing your will to leave a donation. If you do have a charity that you support then you’ll probably already have a Direct Debit set up to give regularly. If not and if you’re determined to give more to a range of charities then you might consider getting yourself a charity account.

Whether you give each month to one charity or want to make payments to sponsor friends and family members in their one-off events, this account allows you to save little and often to do just that.

With every pound, every penny you donate you know that you are making a difference to someone, somewhere in a community either at home or abroad.  Whether that’s a child or an animal, anything you give will be so gratefully received.

Explore your options today when it comes to giving whether that’s financially or personally, of your time and skills. Find something that excites and inspires you and will keep you coming back time and time again to support and help in whatever capacity you choose.

You want to make a difference and you’re doing just that with your kind heart and willingness to get involved. Choose your charity and feel proud that you’ve giving back.

Feature Image Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash



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