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Think of the last epic fantasy movie you saw. At some point, it’s likely a character decided to give a speech about the nature of hope. It might be in Lord of the Rings, or in Braveheart, or in Outlaw King or another movie you adore. Here the leader of an army waxes poetic about how the sun will never set or how they must always try and always hope no matter the weather. On the surface, we may roll our eyes. But for some reason, we do not interrupt when these speeches are happening. This is because deep down, we know there’s something there.

Many of us can often diagnose the periods of our life based on how much hope or optimism we have for the future. Humans are very good at adapting to their circumstances if they believe that hope is a possibility. But hope is not some vague concept. It’s at the core of everything we do. It’s important to remind yourself of that if you have an issue you are experiencing, such as illness, or if facing a tragic situation. 

Let our inspirational words help you soak this in:

You Have Survived So Far

Remember, despite going through difficult times, you have survived so far. But not only that, you have grown from the experience. It might be that it took plenty from you, but your character developed as a result. You became a little kinder. Perhaps you even became a little more appreciative of the people around you. When you realize this, you realize just how strength cannot be defined in one narrow category, but in many. This being said, you may find yourself trusting in who you are just a little more, as you should deserve to at all times.

There Is Always An Option

There is always a better option, or a route through something difficult. For example, cancer fighting foods, CBD and meditation can help assuage some of the effects of going through that terrible disease, and may even help you manage your symptoms more appropriately. There is always an option to improve things, or to make life more comfortable even in the difficult times. Keeping that in mind can help you avoid feeling everything is lost, even when met with tragedy in the moment.

You Have To Believe

Believing in yourself is an essential part of being a person, and we would recommend that you practice this. If you do not believe that things will get better, you can unfortunately convince yourself that nothing right will ever happen again. Staying optimistic can always give you the best energy. In Viktor E Frankl’s ‘Mans Search For Meaning,’ he notes that his time in a concentration camp confirmed to him one thing, those who survived the longest were those who didn’t give up.’ Adopt this idea as your own.

With this advice, we hope you can find the hope that is always there under the surface.