Is now the right time to search for a new job?

There are all kinds of reasons why it might be, especially if you feel your current job role is harming your health

A new job can benefit your health in all kinds of ways, as you can see below.

Better working conditions can be good for your overall wellbeing

It is your employer’s duty to care for your health at work, but if they have been negligent in any way, a move into a new job could be better for you. When talking about negligence, we are referring to health and safety issues that haven’t been addressed. We are talking about workplace bullying that is allowed to continue. And we are talking about hazardous job roles that don’t have the necessary safety measures in place. Your employer is failing you if they have shown negligence in such ways, and they are threatening both your physical and mental health as a consequence. A new job with better working conditions could be the best thing for you.

Greater job satisfaction can improve your mental health

If you aren’t fulfilled by your job, it might be that your mental health is suffering as a consequence. You might dread going into work each day, and this will add to your stress levels. You might lack passion for the work you have to do, and this could cause you to feel low. A new job could be the best thing for you, especially if it offers you some meaning in life. You might want a job where you can make a positive impact, perhaps within a charitable role, or in social work, teaching, or one of the healthcare roles listed at Cornerstone Medical. Or you might want a job that gives you the opportunity to extend your hobbies. You should experience greater job satisfaction if you take one of these avenues, and that will do wonders for your mental health. 

A good work-life balance will reduce burnout

We all need that healthy balance between our work and personal lives. But if we don’t have the time to enjoy life outside of work, we can become stressed, anxious, and depressed. You will know this yourself if you are forever working overtime, or if your commute is longer than you would like. If you’re coming home tired each day, with little opportunity for family time, a social life, or time with your hobbies, you are going to feel the impact on your mental health. You might start to experience burnout too, especially if you’re spending most of your life working, and less time in your life relaxing and having fun. Finding a job with opportunities for a better work-life balance could do much for your health and wellbeing, so consider the possibility if your job fails in this way.

Your health is important, and it should always be your priority above your work. So, if your current job is failing you in any way, perhaps now is the time to make a move into a job role that will better protect your wellbeing. Give it some thought today.

Take care, and thanks for reading.


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