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The winter season is upon us. It brings with it festivities, snowfall, warm drinks, and cozy nights in; it also brings icy road conditions, isolation, and cracked dry skin. Finding a way to navigate these seasonal changes might seem daunting, as daunting and gloomy as the winter weather itself, but with a few tips and tricks, you should be able to align your systems and improve your happiness levels instead of watching them freeze. 

In this article, we look at some of the challenges faced by individuals during winter. Especially this winter with a global pandemic putting our festivity plans on ice. We must be more flexible than ever this year and make efforts to better our mental, emotional, and physical health. Don’t forget to look after your skin’s health either during these hazardous and unforgiving times. 

Your Mental Health 

Your mental health is vital to the quality of life you experience. In short, your mental health is your general state of well-being. It’s your ability to cope with the everyday stresses of life, work productively, and contribute to your community. Many factors can affect your mental health and alter your quality of life – a change in the seasons is one such factor. 

This year, however, there have been many more factors influencing the condition of your mental health. Change of any kind, whether it’s a job, a friendship, a home, or the weather, will cause stresses in your system, both positive and negative; during winter, and this year especially, it’s vitally important you look after your mental wellbeing.

The signs of a change to your mental health include low energy, difficulty concentrating, feeling sad, unwilling to go outside, and changes in appetite. If you notice any of these signs respond to them with kindness. Go easy on yourself, it’s been a difficult time. Try to keep to a set schedule, exercise, and make the most of the sunlight. 

Your Physical Health 

The condition of our physical bodies is directly related to our mental condition and the quality of our moods. If we’re overweight we tend to crave more unhealthy foods. Unhealthy foods tend to have a higher sugar content that affects our thought processes, our emotions, and contributes to more weight gain. 

Conversely, if we exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and stick to a regular routine, our mental and emotional states will respond. With your physical body in a better condition, you will crave less unhealthy foods and will want to eat kale instead. With your body and brain in better harmony, there will be an uplift in your emotions too, just in time for the cold dry winter. 

It’s not as easy to stay physically active during the winter because there is less light available and the conditions outside tend to worsen. Still, there are plenty of ways you can maintain your exercise routine through the dark months. Join a virtual class that runs for ten weeks and makes a commitment to attend – you will notice the difference. 

Your Skin Health 

This winter is likely to be the toughest one on record, not only do we have to endure the usual challenges of cold dry air, gloomy days, and treacherous road conditions, we have the added circumstances of a global pandemic and lockdown situations forcing many of us to stay indoors. You might think this will protect your skin from the weather, but there are other dangers. 

The winter weather can play havoc with your skin’s health. Even if your skin has been healthy and glamorous all summer, the changes in atmospheric conditions make the air drier which dries up the natural oils your skin produces. Add to this the drying effect of the central heating systems in your home and you have the ideal conditions for cracked skin, chapped lips, and the appearance of eczema. 

A product like soothing balm is the best solution to your winter skin woes. This balm is made from natural ingredients and offers soothing, nourishing, and hydrating properties to protect against bacterial infections, eczema flare-ups, and dry skin resulting from winter weather conditions. Don’t be without a Dermagem soothing balm this winter. 

Your Emotional Health 

Emotional health is sometimes used instead of mental health, but there are some important differences. Your emotional health is your awareness of how you feel, your levels of vulnerability, resilience, and authenticity. Mental health, conversely, is about your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Like physical health, your emotional health is also interconnected with mental health.

What is meant by ‘well-being’ is the interconnection between your mental, emotional, and physical health. One affects the other, and getting them all in harmony is what creates a state of well-being. Good emotional health, however, does not mean feeling happy all the time, it’s your capacity to manage your emotions when faced with life’s ups and downs. 

To instantly improve your emotional health, notice the feeling you have arising, and name it. If you feel frustrated, label it as ‘frustration that is arising’ and notice the distance you have from that emotion. You can use the same tactic with positive emotions, but those are more enjoyable to engage with.  

Your Social Health 

Social health is a broad concept that deals with society at large and the health of individual members who interact. A society’s health refers to its levels of equality, diversity, and access to services. On the individual level, it refers to a person’s social capacity and related levels of wellbeing. 

Lockdown winter is a very challenging time in this regard. People are forbidden from visiting their friends and family at important times of the years, furthermore, many social activities that bring joy to people have been canceled this year, leaving a black-hole that should be filled with colorful activities. 

Although challenging we have to remember that we make these sacrifices for the safety of other people who may be exposed to a deadly virus. Moreover, our social health doesn’t have to go down the sink-hole; with digital technologies and human creativity, there are many ways to get your social vitamins this year. Regularly join inspiring group sessions on Zoom and schedule meetups with friends.