Long hours make for long nights. When you’re working all day long and perhaps need to go on and on until whatever you’re doing is completed, you could do with some health tips. Maybe you’re an executive and you work from dusk till midnight. Perhaps you’re a manager that is staying to do some overtime. It could be that you’re just traveling around the world and need to stay away and healthy for long periods at a time. There are some tricks that you can use to keep your body and your mind fresh for as long as possible. The body is capable of lasting more than 24 hours at reasonably high functioning levels. You just need to know how to unlock this part of your anatomy.

The old but gold method

Some may say it’s the gold standard, some others say it’s way overrated. Regardless of what it is, it’s called the old but gold method. Just caffeinate. Drink coffee to keep you going all day and night. The key is to have moderate doses of caffeine each time and not strong cups of coffee. The reason for this is that the low is always steeper than the high. You might get a good shot of energy that lasts 1 hour, but you’re going to feel the ‘come down’ for the next 2 hours or more. Your body is going to feel heavy, sluggish and slow. Your mind is going to slow down and your eyes will naturally begin to close on their own. But with small cups of coffee on a weak to medium strength level, you can last longer.

‘Johnny on the spot’

Perhaps your job requires you to meet all sorts of people. It could be that you’re hosting an event or you’re at an award ceremony and it’s an ‘all-nighter’. If you’re wearing dress shoes or high-end heels, you’ll probably want to control the potential blisters emerging on your feet. Take a look at the blister care range that scholl has and is known for. They make all kinds of foot care products that you can easily keep in your pocket or handbag and go into the restroom to put on at any time during the long night. When you’re ‘Johnny on the spot’ for the evening and meeting many different people all around the room, this is something you should be aware of if you want to last the night on your feet.

Bright lights

When you’re feeling drowsy, act like a moth to a flame. Go and find some bright lights. The body clock is designed to kick in when the room or sky goes dark. Your body will begin the process of shutting off for the night if you stay in darkness for too long. Turn on your room light or go and stand in a brighter part of the event hall, to keep your body from starting the sleep pattern process.

There are lots of things you can do to push your body a little bit further than normal if you’re having a late-night event for work or just studying. Use caffeine in moderation and stay in a bright atmosphere. 

Cover Image Photo by Antenna on Unsplash