5 Useful Apps To Boost Your Health & Well Being

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To improve your health and well being you’ve got to focus on all aspects of your health. From healthy eating to self care and ditching bad habits, these apps have got lots to offer.

  1. Strides Goal & Habit Tracker 

Using this application you can track your good and bad habits, and work on creating healthy goals. There are plenty of features to try, including graphs and charts to motivate you. Strides uses a habit calendar, allowing you to set targets for the week, month or year. You can input details of certain projects, and keep track of your milestones. Other features to check out include:

  • Progress reports to stay on track.
  • Reminders by day or by week.
  • Add notes for extra context.
  • Organize your routine.
  • Track history, successes, and areas to improve.
  1. Yoga Workouts By Daily Burn

Yoga is a wonderful exercise to improve your overall health. The Yoga Workouts app is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Using this app you can access training from yoga experts, creating weekly plans to meet your goals. Practicing yoga has so many benefits, including improved strength, flexibility, posture, and improved mental health. The app also includes a yoga-loving community, so you can chat with like-minded people, and get plenty of tips.

3 . Teeth Whitening Tips

Looking to get whiter teeth and improve your smile? Before you buy teeth whitening products, take a look at the Teeth Whitening Tips app. Here you’ll find useful advice and natural home remedies, to help you whiten your teeth. The app is easy to use, with simple directions and a friendly interface. You can use the app for free and it works offline as well as online. If you want to share tips, you can do so through social media, Gmail, or Google. If natural remedies don’t work for you, it’s best to contact a cosmetic dentist. There are plenty of options to improve your teeth, whether it’s teeth whitening or invisible braces.

  1. Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen is an app for healthy vegetarian recipes. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to get more vegetables in their diet. Every recipe features photos, videos, and simple instructions. There are plenty of healthy drinks, snacks, and main courses to choose from. The app allows you to save your favorites, and share the recipes you love with friends. To help you plan your meals, and eat healthier, Green Kitchen is a fantastic app.

  1. FitOn

With the help of this free fitness app, you can improve your exercise regime and get in better shape. FitOn offers lots of workouts that you can practice at home. Choose from Pilates, Barre, Aerobics, HIIT, or yoga. All of the fitness videos are easy to follow and suitable for a variety of levels. The app features content from celeb trainers including Casey Ho and Katie Dunlop.

From your exercise routine to your diet and your good habits, there are plenty of ways to focus on your health. These are just a few of the apps available to improve health and well-being. For self-care and mental health, apps check out Happify and Inner Hour.



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